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  • Is your non-profit focused on promoting cultural competence to enhance the effectiveness of its programs and services?
  • Are you addressing disparities within the communities you serve to contribute to positive social change and reinforce the non-profit’s mission?
  • Is the integration of diverse perspectives into your organization’s initiatives contributing to more comprehensive and impactful solutions?
  • Are inclusive practices implemented within your non-profit, fostering a positive organizational culture that attracts and retains diverse staff and volunteers?
  • Is your organization actively addressing unconscious biases and stereotypes to create a workplace that values diversity and promotes fairness?
  • Are efforts to create safe and inclusive spaces contributing to a positive organizational climate, impacting staff and volunteer satisfaction and retention?
  • Does your non-profit’s engagement with the broader community in JEDI initiatives enhance its reputation, fostering stronger partnerships and collaboration?
  • Is ongoing professional development on JEDI topics for staff and volunteers improving the overall effectiveness and impact of your non-profit?
  • Have policy updates aligned with JEDI principles contributed to a fair and equitable organizational environment, reinforcing transparency and accountability?
  • Is the proactive resolution of conflicts related to diversity, equity, and inclusion contributing to a harmonious work environment, ultimately enhancing the overall effectiveness and sustainability of your non-profit?

Why is JEDI work important for Non-Profit Organizations?

In the realm of non-profit organizations, embedding Social Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (JEDI) principles strengthens their connection to social causes by broadening the understanding of identity beyond class, race, and gender. By embracing JEDI/DEI, organizations can foster an inclusive environment that acknowledges and respects diverse identities, ensuring that their missions address the multifaceted needs of the communities they serve. Expanding the focus beyond traditional markers of identity enables non-profits to create more comprehensive and effective solutions to societal challenges. Funders increasingly seek organizations committed to social justice, recognizing that JEDI/DEI initiatives are fundamental to creating sustainable and impactful change. Non-profits dedicated to equity and social justice align with the priorities of numerous funders, amplifying their opportunities for financial support and partnerships. Ultimately, by integrating JEDI/DEI into their frameworks, non-profit organizations can effectively address systemic issues and make significant strides toward a more equitable society.

How does US² help Non-Profit Organizations?

Equity Audit
Qualitative Survey Analysis 
Policy Review 
Professional Development/Training (for all constituent groups) 
Mentoring & Coaching of Volunteers, Staff, & Partners 

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