Imagine a world where everyone is seen, heard, welcomed, and valued.

We empower change by transforming communities through social justice consulting.

The premise of our work is simple: we must understand ourselves, as well as those around us, in order to unite society. US² Consulting works with businesses, schools, and individuals to be more equitable and inclusive through training, coaching, and consulting – without shame, blame, or guilt.

Find out how we can empower YOU to be the CHANGE we need in the world!
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Our Process

We guide clients through a transformative journey of Exploration, Engagement, and Empowerment. We deeply understand their needs, foster collaboration, and provide them with the tools to make an impact. Together, we achieve growth and success. 

Explore: Understand Self: Reflect

Explore: Understand Self: Reflect

In the initial phase, we utilize a comprehensive approach to uncover your stage of MetamorphusticeTM. Through both a qualitative and quantitative analysis, we not only explore the nuances of your personal experiences and perspectives, but also objectively assess the quantitative data that shapes your journey towards justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion. This meticulous examination sets the stage for a tailored and informed path forward in your pursuit of a more inclusive and equitable existence.

Engage: Understand Others: Respond

Engage: Understand Others: Respond

In the second phase, we focus on expanding your knowledge to foster meaningful connections and responsive actions. Through our comprehensive curriculum, you gain dynamic resources to enhance your understanding of social justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion. This empowers you not only to comprehend the experiences of others, but also to craft thoughtful and informed responses that contribute to fostering a more inclusive and compassionate environment.

Empower: Unite Society: Results

Empower: Unite Society: Results

In this final stage, you leverage the wealth of materials and resources provided through our programming to continue your transformation into impactful JEDI/DEI professionals. Armed with a deep understanding of social justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion, you actively unite society by implementing tangible, impactful strategies. The culmination of this journey results in positive and sustainable changes that resonate throughout the fabric of our interconnected communities.

About our Founder
Hi, I’m Megan Fuciarelli, the visionary force behind US² Consulting, where I proudly serve as the Chief Empowerment Officer (CEO). Originating from a background as a dedicated educator, my professional journey has revolved around navigating the intricate landscapes of social justice issues and elevating institutions through a lens of deep understanding.

Join me, and together we can create environments where everyone is seen, heard, welcomed, and valued.
About Megan Fuciarelli
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