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Higher Educational Institutions
  • Is your university focused on creating a culturally competent environment to enhance student retention and overall satisfaction?
  • Are you addressing disparities in educational outcomes to improve student success rates, contributing to higher retention and positive academic experiences?
  • Is the integration of diverse perspectives into the curriculum part of your strategy to prepare students for a diverse workforce, ultimately improving placement rates?
  • Are inclusive teaching practices implemented to accommodate diverse learning styles, contributing to higher student engagement and retention?
  • Is your university actively addressing unconscious biases and stereotypes to foster a campus culture that attracts and retains a diverse student body?
  • Are efforts to create safe and inclusive spaces contributing to a positive campus environment, impacting student retention and overall satisfaction?
  • Does your university’s engagement with the broader community in JEDI initiatives enhance its reputation and contribute to positive student experiences?
  • Is ongoing professional development on JEDI topics for faculty and staff improving the overall campus climate and student retention?
  • Have policy updates aligned with JEDI principles contributed to a fair and equitable academic environment, positively impacting student retention?
  • Is the proactive resolution of conflicts related to diversity, equity, and inclusion contributing to a harmonious campus environment, ultimately improving student retention and satisfaction?

Why is JEDI work important for Higher Educational Institutions?

In Higher Education, fostering a culture of Social Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (JEDI) among staff and students is crucial for creating an enriching learning environment. Collaborating with staff through training and workshops aids in developing inclusive practices, enabling them to better support students from diverse backgrounds. By promoting a stronger culture that values diversity, colleges and universities can significantly impact student retention rates. Offering coursework that integrates DEI/JEDI principles equips students with vital social skills and enhances their resumes with sought-after abilities. These skills, including empathy, cultural competence, and collaboration, align with the demands of modern employers, preparing students for success in a diverse and global workforce. Emphasizing DEI/JEDI initiatives in higher education not only enriches the academic experience, but also equips students with the tools needed to thrive in an increasingly interconnected world.

How does US² help Higher Educational Institutions?

Equity Audit
Qualitative Survey Analysis
Curriculum Writing
Policy Reform
Professional Development/Training (for all constituent groups)
Restorative Practices (Informal & Formal)
Integration of Social Justice Standards into Curriculum
Support with PLCs (Professional Learning Communities)
Mentoring & Coaching of Staff & Faculty

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