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  • Are you struggling to assess the organizational culture of an organization you are working with, specifically while working to ensure that everyone within the organization is seen, welcomed, heard, and valued?
  • Do you need support in looking through the lens of JEDI practices when working with your clients?
  • Do you ensure that all voices are represented when facilitating conversations with your clients?
  • Do you struggle with how to ensure multiple perspectives are heard, fearing that giving space also provides approval?
  • Are you actively incorporating metrics to back up your strategies to ensure a diverse and inclusive environment?
  • Do you struggle with conflict resolution when participating in difficult conversations?
  • Are you able to effectively address biases that are disclosed (whether purposefully or accidentally) by clients?
  • Do you want to actively coach and support organizational leaders in developing inclusive leadership practices that trickle down throughout the entire organization?

Why is JEDI work important for Coaches and Consultants?

In the realm of consultancy and coaching, embracing Social Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (JEDI) work is not only crucial but embodies the ethical core of serving others. This work also honors the foundation of effective coaching, where empathy, respect, and a commitment to understanding diverse perspectives are paramount. Incorporating JEDI/DEI principles into consultancy or coaching practices fosters a safe and inclusive space for clients, acknowledging and honoring their unique identities and experiences. The current societal climate underscores the critical importance of JEDI/DEI discussions. Issues surrounding social justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion are at the forefront of public discourse. Consultants and coaches engaging in JEDI/DEI work are responding to the growing demand for equitable solutions and strategies within organizations and communities. In the consultancy/coaching realm, openly discussing and implementing JEDI/DEI initiatives isn’t just a trend; it’s an ethical responsibility. Integrating these principles into practice facilitates more impactful and empathetic coaching relationships, fostering environments where mentees are understood, valued, and supported in achieving their goals.

How does US² help Consultants and Coaches?

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CARES® Certification
CHANGEmaker Program
Community Support (join fellow consultants and coaches to support one another)

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