Educational Services

Is your school culture building the best students possible?

US² can help your district:

  • Increase student attendance rates
  • Decrease office referrals and suspensions
  • Cultivate student empathy
  • Decrease rates of bullying
  • Improve teacher effectiveness
  • Create culturally responsive curriculum

US² provides tailored help for schools and school districts, focusing on all stakeholders in the system.  Our consultants use a three tiered system to change school culture and improve outcomes across districts.

Curriculum Development

Closing the achievement gap starts with an inclusive and equitable curriculum. US2 will analyze current curriculum to identify potential areas for improvement, then rework to ensure it is inclusive and culturally responsive.

Professional Development

Changing outcomes means changing the way stakeholders interact with the educational system. US2 invests time and training for every person involved in the school. Administrators, teachers, parents, board members, and community partners are all essential to making a change.

US² focuses effort on implicit bias and prejudice through multiple methods; since no program or organization is the same, no one proposal mirrors the next. US2 also offers teacher training and support in culturally responsive teaching practices (pedagogy).

Mentoring & Coaching

Instead of one-time training without practical guidance, US2 includes coaching and mentoring services to cement development. We provide one-on-one coaching, mentoring, and shadowing opportunities for administrators, teachers, and students, host community forums, and assist collaborations between school districts. US2 staff is flexible to district needs, offering both time limited and ongoing options.

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