Programming Assistant

Joieanne Terese Galura is a former hotelier who has 4 years of experience in the hospitality industry. Her love and passion with working in client services started right after college when she worked as a room attendant in a Hotel in the Philippines, where she worked with a wide diversity of guests each day.  Joieanne started to work as a freelance Executive Assistant and had many opportunities to be trained by her clients. Soon after attending seminars and skill training while also taking in new job opportunities like being a Client Executive and Business Development Analyst, she progressed in working closely with her clients, handling projects and campaigns for developing their businesses. 

Joieanne strongly believes that once you find the thing you are good at, you must find a way on how to be great at it. Therefore, she focused on self-improvement by developing her capabilities and realizing that she has the potential to grow in the career path that she chose. 

I always knew that there was something different about me, but it came to a point in my life where everything different about me was all that I could see. Growing up as a shy and athletic kid, I see sports as a place where I can fully express myself, but little did I know that it is also where my deepest insecurity will start. I have trained and competed in swimming, softball, badminton, and volleyball and I’ve gotten a lot of recognition for it, but somehow along the way I feel like I’m not doing enough and I find it hard to accept recognition and failures because I always make myself believe that what I’m doing is not good enough. Sometimes I push myself so far that my body would give up on me. I struggle with recognizing my worth and loving myself. 

Even though there are times when I struggle to tell myself that I did great at something, I make sure that I look back at where I was before and try to see the progress that I made in developing myself personally and professionally.

 I now look at myself the way I want my daughter to feel about herself; with love, respect, and pride.  I make sure to teach her that all great things happen when you learn to love and respect yourself.