Tier 1: Exploring JEDI for Educators (BETA)


Are you afraid of ‘saying the wrong thing’ when it comes to diversity, equity or inclusion on campus or in the classroom? Do you find yourself not knowing how to respond in a difficult situation? Join our community of fellow JEDI Trailblazers to learn additional information and gain the security of knowing you aren’t alone in your JEDI Journey where all students feel welcomed, heard, and valued!

This program is newly structured – we have recently updated our way of delivering this program! Receive reduced costs on your subscription plan for Beta Clients! We would love your feedback.

Get Quarter 1 for the price of one month while we prepare for the full launch of the program. We will send you a short survey about your experience at the end of the quarter.

Tier 1 of our subscription program includes the following:

Monthly Webinar discussing the -ISM of the month
• Monthly Newsletter with Resources/Lesson Plans specific to Education Sector