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Corporate FAQ's

US² can help your business:

  • Reduce bullying
  • Increase hiring diversity
  • Improve cultural competence
  • Create culturally responsive programming
  • Provide external audits to assess current level of inclusiveness with both employees and customers
  • Become more inclusive with customer base
  • Craft strategic plans to address equity and inclusion issues

Businesses and corporations see improvements in productivity and increases in revenue when their culture is inclusive. Better culture means less employee turnover, reductions in absenteeism, and increases in innovation.  Increased inclusion can also lead to tapping as-yet untapped markets of customers, which can increase business revenue.

We provide leadership coaching specific to equity and inclusion practices and general relationship building to support team efficacy. The premise of our work is simple: we must understand ourselves, as well as those around us, in order to have a more powerful impact on society.  We work both proactively and retroactively with employees, and train leadership teams in techniques for leading a diverse work group.

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