Is your student ready for life after high school?

Is your child ready for the challenges of life after high school?  As a parent, you want to ensure that your child has the best possible chance of success.  

Did you know:

* Colleges look for students to be engaged in extra-curricular activities

* Many colleges are specifically looking for students who are involved in social activism

* Employers have cited the ability to work with diverse populations as the #1 indicator for success over the last four years

Contact us today to learn how we can help your child build their resume and learn more about how they can be the CHANGE they wish to see in the world!


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Are you CARES® Certified?

CARES® Certification is the leading benchmark in providing individuals, businesses, and organizations, a trust-worthy credential for action planning in building social justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion among its stakeholders. With Courage, Acceptance, Respect, and Empathy, you will see Success! Each module of the certification program is facilitated by a certified CARES® trainer.