CARES® for K-12 School Systems & Educators

Are you struggling with…
…knowing how to intercept discriminatory comments?
…integrating and honoring all identity groups?
…implementing discipline practices that focus on the child more than the behavior?
…curriculum that is either stereotypical with identity group representation or lacks information about identity groups outside of dominant groups?
…feeling like social justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion work is just ‘another thing added to the plate?’

CARES® Certification is the leading benchmark in providing individuals, businesses, and organizations, a trust-worthy credential for action planning in building diversity, equity, and inclusion among its stakeholders. The CARES® Curriculum is comprised of 5 modules, taught by a certified CARES® instructor.

Module 1


Courageous Conversations

Module 2


Diversity & 

Module 3


Restorative Relationships

Module 4


Inclusive Training & Curriculum

Module 5


Accountability & Sustainability