CARES® for Governments & Municipalities

Are you struggling with…
…engaging in high-stakes conversations such as traffic stops and/or City Council meetings?
…lack of representation across identity groups or disproportionate representation (leadership not reflecting the greater community)?
…stakeholder groups being seen as not trustworthy?
…policies that uphold systemic inequities – and not recognizing those inequities until there is attention brought to them?
…understanding your role within providing an equitable and inclusive community?

CARES® Certification is the leading benchmark in providing individuals, businesses, and organizations, a trust-worthy credential for action planning in building diversity, equity, and inclusion among its stakeholders. The CARES® Curriculum is comprised of 5 modules, taught by a certified CARES® instructor.

Module 1


Courageous Conversations

Module 2


Diversity & 

Module 3


Restorative Relationships

Module 4


Inclusive Training & Curriculum

Module 5


Accountability & Sustainability