US2 Core Principles

  • Guilt and politeness are the glue that hold prejudice and stigma in place.
  • Intentions ≠ Impact.
  • We must intentionally include so as not to unintentionally exclude.
  • Seek to impact someone’s heart, which will ultimately change their minds.
  • Every issue counts.
  • Growth occurs in discomfort.
  • Once we know better, we must do better!

Our Leadership Team

Professionally speaking, we are a powerful and diverse group of individuals.

Megan Fuciarelli

Founder & Principal Consultant

James Davis

Project Manager

Ana Abreu

Director of Communications & Marketing

Aubrey Martinson

Director of Partnerships &
Non-Profit Sector

Kelsey Florek

Director of Human Resources

Our Stories

Beyond our professional titles and credentials, our stories impact us on a greater level.

Megan Fuciarelli
Founder & Chief Engagement Officer

Megan Fuciarelli serves as the Executive Director & Principal Consultant of US², Inc.  As a retired school superintendent, she has dedicated her entire professional career to navigating social justice issues and supporting people/teams in being inclusive.  She holds a BS in Elementary Education, a Masters in Reading, M.Ed. in Educational Administration, an ESL (English as a Second Language) endorsement, and certificate from Harvard for Urban School Leadership.  In addition to schooling, she is also a certified life coach and a Project Management Professional and Six Sigma graduate.  In addition to her professional background, she is the single mother of a wonderful human named Rhys and very close to her parents.  Embedded within her narrative are many stories of oppression and privilege. 

Click here for her personal account with sizeism, discrimination based upon height/weight.

Kelsey Florek
Human Resources Strategist

I’m Kelsey and I support US², Inc. in a Human Resources capacity. I help find strong members for the team and participate in consistent check-ins to provide support and coaching as needed. The mission of US², Inc. matters to me because it helps people better understand important things about themselves. I believe there is a lot of value in understanding why we do the things we do, along with what makes us unique and different. This company embraces differences and doesn’t shame or judge anyone for lack of knowledge or understanding. Their approach and their overall message is impressive and has the ability to impact a lot of individuals, organizations, and corporations.​

Click here for her personal account.

Ana Abreu
Director of Marketing and Communications

Ana Abreu serves as the Director of Communications and Marketing. She graduated with a Bachelor’s in Communications in Advertising and for the last 6 years has worked with companies like Pizza Hut, Domino’s, Chili’s, Wendy’s, Maybelline, Garner, and many more. In addition to loving social media, she aspires to be an actress and is currently in professional training. She was born in the Dominican Republic and is a very proud Latina. Everywhere she goes, she is passionate, hardworking, and joyful.

Click here to read more about her experience growing up in Indiana.

Aubrey Martinson
Partner Engagement Specialist

Aubrey Martinson is the Director of Partnerships for US². She enjoys making connections and bringing people together. She’s been doing this through non-profit arts organizations for nearly 20 years – holding lead positions in small arts organizations throughout Washtenaw County. She is also proud to have co-founded Chelsea Alehouse Brewery in Chelsea, Michigan with her husband in 2012. She serves as Board Secretary for Michigan Brewers Guild and is a founding member of the Guild’s Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion committee. She also enjoys connecting non-profit organizations with funding opportunities as a freelance grant writer. Aubrey is excited about linking the important work we do at US² with partners from the corporate, non-profit, and educational spheres.

Click here to learn more about Aubrey’s experiences with religion.

James Davis
Client Engagement Specialist

James Davis serves as a Project Manager for US², Inc. with the objective of assisting educational institutions in becoming more equitable and inclusive environments.  With 10+ years of leadership experience specializing in communications and community engagement, he’s moved through sectors deploying his expertise in support of non-profit and for-profit industries. He holds a Bachelor of Arts in English from Madonna University and a Master’s degree in Business Administration from Lawrence Technological University.  Furthermore, he has served as board member for Unity Worldwide Industries and continues to volunteer his efforts toward helping children across communities. 

Click here to read of James’ perspective on racial discrimination. ​