US2 Core Principles

  • Guilt and politeness are the glue that hold prejudice and stigma in place.
  • Intentions ≠ Impact.
  • We must intentionally include so as not to unintentionally exclude.
  • Seek to impact someone’s heart, which will ultimately change their mind.
  • Every issue counts.
  • Growth occurs in discomfort.
  • Once we know better, we must do better!

The US2 Team

Professionally speaking, we are a powerful and diverse group of individuals.

Megan Fuciarelli

Founder & Chief Empowerment Officer (CEO)

Marianne Chopp Alt

Director of Programming

Ian Unger

Training Engagement Specialist

Anthony Chiles


Michael Youngblood

Director of Communications & Marketing

Selime Baftiri-Ballazhi



Student Engagement Specialist