US² Awarded 2022 Impact Company of The Year Award – DotCom Magazine

DotCom Magazine Reveals Its Annual List of America’s Most Impactful Privately Held Companies

DotCom Magazine has honored US2 Consulting as making a positive difference in an incredibly difficult year. The DotCom Magazine 2022 Impact Company of The Year Awards celebrates shapeshifting entrepreneurs and their companies. When a company makes an impact, not only are they helping their clients, but they are also helping the world become a better place.

Andy Jacob, CEO of DotCom Magazine says, “We appreciate the selfless commitment that leaders and entrepreneurs make to their brand. We are honored to award great companies our DotCom Magazine 2022 Impact Company of The Year Award. At DotCom Magazine, we believe entrepreneurs are the heartbeat of the world in so many ways. We believe it is a world where risktakers must be lauded, saluted, and respected. 2022 is an incredibly unique year in so many ways. Companies have so many ways to make an impact, and that’s why each company’s unique impact is more important than ever before. Our award winners have courage and an unyielding passion to grow and contribute in very unique ways.”


About US2 Consulting

Everyone deserves access to opportunities and reflecting upon personal biases is critical when moving toward a more equitable and inclusive environment. US2 Consulting supports individuals and organizations by enhancing workplace/classroom culture through the lens of social justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion. What began as a passion project has transformed into a mission to curate ways to create accountability measures and accomplish results. Each organization has different needs; our expert staff works with individuals, organizations, and communities to meet and surpass these expectations.

About DotCom Magazine

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