Individual Coaching Services

Learn about bias one-on-one with an US² expert.

US², Inc. can help you:

  • Recognize and identify personal bias
  • Overcome personal struggles with bias
  • Improve communication among different groups
  • Craft a personal action plan to increase productivity in a diverse world
  • Provide suggestions and techniques to work in a more inclusive environment

US² provides custom coaching tailored specifically to you as a professional and an individual. Our focus is equity and inclusion practices and your general relationship building so you can better support efficacy. We coach primarily through video calls right on your computer, so you can learn from the convenience of your own office or home. Our consultants are friendly, easy to talk to, and ready to help take your professional skills to the next level!

The premise of our work is simple: we must understand ourselves, as well as those around us, in order to have a more powerful impact on society.

Understand Bias

An US² expert will become your personal coach to guide you through learning about bias, where it comes from, and how it works.

Recognize Bias

In the comfort and privacy of a one-on-one session, a supportive and professional US² consultant will work side-by-side to help you recognize and identify your own biases. Together, you will explore how those biases could affect you as a professional — and how being aware of them can build positivity in unexpected ways.

Overcome Bias

US² will build a personal plan with you to move forward and enjoy the many benefits thoughtful, inclusive practices can bring to your career. 

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